Patch 24.1

⚔️Season 2024 Begins ⚔️

Feb 9, 2024
Coryphaeus championships is now openly available to all! A huge thank you to each and every one of you who took part in the Closed Beta and provided invaluable feedback. While we've made significant progress, there's still much more ahead. Let's keep pushing forward! 

Coryphaeus Championships Coming to Mobile!

We'd like to remind you that soon you'll be able to use the same account and enjoy cross-play between PC and Mobile!

Android users can now send us their email to get Early Access on Google Play!

P.S. We're not forgetting about Mac and iOS users! Please know maintaining all these platforms together is a big commitment, but we're eager to support them as soon our resources permit. Thank you for your understanding and patience! 

Road to Pro Series

Find tournaments on and match with your opponents in-game! (We are committed to keeping the promise of delivering "in-game tournaments" by offering more seamless tournament experiences as soon as we can!)

Matcherino Marketplace:

Majestic Coryphaeus Alt Arts are now available exclusively on! By purchasing them,  you will contribute towards the upcoming tournament's Prize Pool!

Thank you for supporting Coryphaeus eSports!

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